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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief distributes food baskets in Pakistan for food security, ongoing project

Islamabad, January 19, 2024, The King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) persists in its efforts to distribute food baskets in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, marking the ongoing implementation of the third phase of the 2024 project aimed at bolstering food security in the country. In a recent development, 695 food baskets were disbursed yesterday in the Malakand district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province and the Pishin district of Balochistan province. This initiative directly benefited 4,865 individuals residing in flood-affected areas.

The provision of these essential resources is a testament to the commitment of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in supporting the people of Pakistan during challenging times. This generous assistance, facilitated by KSrelief, aligns with the broader humanitarian and relief projects initiated by Saudi Arabia to strengthen food security measures in Pakistan. As a result, vulnerable populations in flood-impacted regions receive much-needed support, showcasing the collaborative efforts between nations to address critical issues affecting communities in distress.

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