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KSrelief has launched the Saudi Voluntary Program for Heart Diseases in Al-Mahra, Yemen

AL-MAHRA, YEMEN - In a significant development, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has recently launched the highly anticipated Saudi Voluntary Nabd Program for Heart Diseases and Surgery. This groundbreaking initiative is taking place at the esteemed Al-Ghaydah Central Hospital, located in the Al-Mahra Governorate of Yemen. The program, spanning three days from September 6 to 8, 2023, aims to provide crucial medical assistance and relief to those suffering from heart ailments in the region.

Throughout the duration of the campaign, the clinics experienced a steady influx of over 20 patients on a daily basis seeking diagnostic and therapeutic catheterizations as well as open-heart operations.

In a commendable display of support, Governor Mohammed Ali Yasser of Al-Mahra and Chairman of the Local Council have expressed their appreciation for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's unwavering commitment to aiding the governorate's patients. Yasser specifically lauded the efforts of KSrelief, the humanitarian arm of Saudi Arabia, for their instrumental role in establishing crucial campaigns and treatment camps. These initiatives have proven to be invaluable in providing much-needed assistance to individuals in need within the governorate.

In a commendable display of solidarity, the Kingdom has launched a program through its humanitarian arm, KSrelief, aimed at assisting low-income groups in brotherly and friendly nations. This initiative seeks to extend a helping hand by offering diverse forms of humanitarian aid to those in need.

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