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KSrelief implements project to improve healthcare services for Syrian refugees

Arsal, Lebanon, August 19, 2023, In a commendable effort, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has taken decisive action to bolster healthcare services for both Syrian refugees and the local community residing in the town of Arsal. Situated in the Baalbek Governorate of Lebanon, this project has been diligently executed by KSrelief, showcasing their unwavering commitment to providing essential aid and support to those in need.

In the month of July 2023, the Arsal Healthcare Center witnessed a significant influx of patients, with a total of 6,100 individuals seeking medical assistance. The center efficiently catered to the needs of these patients by offering a wide range of services across multiple departments, including clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, nursing, and the community and psychological health programs. A staggering 13,184 services were provided in total, ensuring that patients received comprehensive care and attention. In an intriguing finding, it has been observed that 42% of the individuals who underwent treatment were male, while the remaining 58% were female. In a recent report, it was revealed that a significant majority of beneficiaries, amounting to 62%, were identified as refugees. The remaining 38% were reported to be residents of Arsal, according to the data obtained.

The provision of this assistance by the Kingdom, through KSrelief, serves as a clear demonstration of their unwavering dedication to extending humanitarian aid to individuals in dire circumstances. In particular, Syrian refugees find themselves in a state of immense hardship amidst an ongoing humanitarian crisis. The Kingdom's efforts aim to alleviate their suffering by extending support in various regions.

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