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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief launches Orphan Sponsorship Project phase 2, aiding 150 orphans, 50 families

Hadramout, Yemen, February 2, 2024, The second phase of the Orphan Sponsorship and Empowerment Project, launched yesterday by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) in Seiyun and Mukalla districts of Hadramout Governorate, Yemen, marks a crucial step in providing support to 150 orphans and 50 families. The initiative, which includes the distribution of school bags and comprehensive sponsorships covering education, livelihood, and health, is part of ongoing efforts to address the diverse needs of vulnerable communities.

Abdul Hadi Al-Tamimi, Assistant Undersecretary for Valley and Desert Affairs in Hadramout Governorate, lauded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its extensive humanitarian and relief contributions to the Yemeni populace across various sectors. He emphasized the positive impact of empowerment programs on families, fostering productivity and contributing to the alleviation of their hardships while enhancing their overall income.

The project's strategic focus extends to orphan support in governorates such as Aden, Marib, Al-Mahra, Lahj, Hadramout, Taiz, Hodeidah, and Al-Jawf. Its core objective is to economically empower 440 provider families, creating sustainable job opportunities to ensure financial stability. Sponsorships encompassing livelihood, education, and health components are provided to assist families in navigating the financial challenges associated with losing a provider. Additionally, the project facilitates the enrollment of 1,300 orphans in educational programs.

These impactful initiatives align seamlessly with the Kingdom's broader humanitarian endeavors led by KSrelief, underscoring a dedicated focus on addressing the unique needs of orphans in Yemen.

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