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KSrelief renovates emergency and pediatric departments at Al-Sadaqa Educational Hospital

In a remarkable display of humanitarian collaboration, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has joined forces with the esteemed United Nations World Health Organization. Together, they have successfully undertaken a transformative project at the Al-Sadaqa General Educational Hospital in Aden. This initiative involved the renovation of the hospital's emergency and pediatric departments, ensuring that they are equipped with the essential devices and medical equipment required to provide optimal care.

Yemen's Minister of Public Health and Population, Qasim Buhaibah, has expressed his appreciation for the commendable efforts of KSrelief in bolstering the health sector of his nation. Emphasizing the significance of this support, Buhaibah underscored its role in enhancing the quality of health services offered to Yemeni citizens.

In a bid to enhance the healthcare system and bolster medical services in Yemen, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, through its humanitarian arm KSrelief, has embarked on a multifaceted initiative. This concerted effort is aimed at advancing the Yemeni health sector and elevating the quality of healthcare provided to its citizens.

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