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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSRelief's mobile clinics in Al-Khawkhah, Yemen, offer vital healthcare services

Al-Hudaydah, Yemen, December 22, 2023, In the Al-Khawkhah district of Al-Hudaydah, Yemen, the mobile medical and nutritional clinics operated by the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSRelief) played a vital role in providing essential healthcare services to the local population in November. The clinics served a total of 14,506 individuals, demonstrating the significant impact of this humanitarian initiative.

The month's medical services encompassed various departments, with the internal medicine department attending to 3,176 individuals, emergency medical treatment reaching 3,711 people, and the epidemiology clinics catering to 1,259 individuals. The pediatric clinic assisted 923 beneficiaries, while the mobile medical team offered services to 822 individuals.

Other crucial services included 1,167 visits to the reproductive health clinic, 158 visits to the nutrition department, and 79 visits to the immunization department. The obstetrics clinic supported 115 individuals, and the surgery and dressing clinic received 619 visitors. An awareness-raising clinic contributed to the well-being of 2,416 individuals, while the referral system assisted 61 individuals in accessing additional medical support.

Moreover, the clinics conducted lab testing services for 3,636 people, and medications were dispensed to 11,171 individuals. The healthcare clinic received 3,030 visitors, and the blood transfusion department and electrocardiogram department benefited 56 and 15 people, respectively.

KSRelief's mobile medical and nutritional clinics in Al-Khawkhah district have proven to be a lifeline for the local community, providing comprehensive healthcare services and contributing to the well-being of thousands of individuals in need. This ongoing commitment reflects the organization's dedication to alleviating the suffering of vulnerable populations and promoting health and resilience in challenging circumstances.

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