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KSrelief supports Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center in Seiyun, Yemen

In the Seiyun district of Hadramout governorate, the Prosthetics and Rehabilitation Center has been diligently offering a range of essential medical services to a total of 308 beneficiaries hailing from Yemen. These individuals, tragically affected by limb loss, have sought solace and support from the center throughout the month of July 2023. The project has received support from the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief). In the course of the project, an impressive tally of 1,167 services were rendered. In a recent study, it was found that the beneficiaries of a certain program were predominantly male, making up 65% of the total. On the other hand, females constituted 35% of the beneficiaries. Additionally, the study revealed that a significant portion of the beneficiaries were displaced individuals, comprising 15% of the total. Meanwhile, the majority, accounting for 85%, were residents. These findings shed light on the demographics of the program's beneficiaries, highlighting the gender and residential status distribution among them.

In a remarkable display of dedication and expertise, the center successfully executed a comprehensive range of services for a total of 67 patients. From meticulous measurements to precise manufacturing, seamless fitting, timely delivery, and ongoing maintenance, the center left no stone unturned in its mission to provide artificial limbs and prosthetics of the highest quality. In a remarkable development, a total of 241 patients were able to reap the benefits of physiotherapy services, which encompassed a range of offerings such as invigorating physiotherapy sessions and personalized consultations.

In a remarkable display of ongoing commitment, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has once again extended its humanitarian service to the people of Yemen. This noble endeavor, spearheaded by KSrelief, aims to bolster the health sector's capabilities and provide much-needed relief to those enduring immense suffering in the war-torn nation.

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