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  • Ahmed Saleh

KSrelief is providing water supply and sanitation in Hodeidah, Yemen.

Hodeidah, July 22, 2023, In a commendable display of commitment, the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) has been actively carrying out a crucial water supply and environmental sanitation initiative in the Al-Khawkhah directorate of Hodeidah, Yemen. In a remarkable display of progress, the water pumping operations have witnessed significant advancements as of June 2023. In a remarkable feat, a staggering 1,890,000 liters of potable water, along with an equivalent volume of 1,890,000 liters of usable water, have been efficiently pumped. In a remarkable display of efficiency and dedication, the project has carried out an impressive 130 waste removal operations within the displaced camps. This commendable achievement showcases a proactive stance in ensuring cleanliness and hygiene are upheld in these crucial areas. In a bid to bolster the sanitation conditions within the camps, two extensive cleaning campaigns have been carried out. In addition, an impressive 61 wastewater drying processes have been effectively implemented, demonstrating a commendable commitment to efficient wastewater management. In a display of utmost attention to detail, a comprehensive maintenance regimen has been diligently executed on a grand total of 26 bathrooms, guaranteeing their peak performance and functionality. In addition, an extensive operation has been launched to meticulously examine and appraise the water's quality. The provision of these essential services has resulted in approximately 9,800 individuals experiencing positive outcomes, ultimately improving their quality of life and increasing access to clean water and sanitation facilities in the region.

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