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  • Ahmed Saleh

Linah village: historic commercial hub, draws tourists with monuments, towers

Rafha, February 11, 2024, Linah village, situated approximately 100 kilometers south of Rafha in the Northern Borders region, holds significant historical and commercial importance within the Kingdom. Renowned for its assortment of monuments, historic edifices, and towers, Linah attracts tourists and visitors from across the Kingdom and beyond.

As one of the oldest settlements in the Arabian Peninsula, Linah is distinguished by the presence of the palace of Saudi Arabia's founding monarch, King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman, established in the year 1354 Hijri. Covering an area of 4,320 square meters, the village encompasses one of the Kingdom's oldest markets, featuring numerous historical mosques and mud-brick shops that have endured over time.

Linah is also celebrated for its remarkable water wells, which date back to the era of Prophet Suleiman, and its traditional mud houses that serve as a testament to the village's ancient heritage. These architectural marvels encapsulate the rich history, art, and culture of Saudi Arabia and its people, offering glimpses into the nation's illustrious past.

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