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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ma’aden extends collaboration with luxury car maker JLR

Saudi Arabia’s Ma’aden, the dominant force in multi-commodity natural resources in the Middle East, has officially prolonged its collaboration with renowned luxury car manufacturer JLR.

The Aluminum rolling mill of Ma’aden Rolling Company has been a consistent supplier of high-quality Aluminum sheets to JLR since 2016. This partnership, having matured over time, is primed to persist into the future, having already exported over 100,000 tons of premium aluminum sheets in various specifications and sizes for integration into JLR’s opulent automotive creations.

These aluminum sheets form a pivotal element in the development of JLR’s aluminum body technology, a crucial component within their luxury vehicle lineup.

As part of Ma’aden’s 2040 strategy, significant investments are earmarked for strategic minerals that propel global energy transition and technological progress. Aluminum, a critical material in the production of electric vehicles, is estimated to be utilized 25-27% more in hybrid and fully electric vehicles compared to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.

Ali Al-Qahtani, Executive Vice President of the Aluminium Business Unit, expressed, “Our continued alliance with JLR stands as a testament to the solid relationship we have built and the excellence of our products. Together, we’ve contributed to the creation of some of the finest vehicles globally since our collaboration began in 2016. Increasingly, Ma’aden’s product lines are integrated into new technologies reshaping our way of life – witnessing our aluminum sheets in JLR luxury vehicles is truly gratifying.”

Andy Smith, JLR’s Procurement Director for Indirect & Raw Materials, affirmed, “Aluminum is slated to be a pivotal component in JLR’s Reimagine Strategy, shaping both current and future vehicles. This material is instrumental in weight reduction, supporting the shift towards Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs). JLR and Ma’aden share a longstanding partnership, and we eagerly anticipate its continuation in the years ahead.”

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