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  • Ahmed Saleh

Madinah's e-commerce records reach 1,834 in Q4 2023, a 2.6% increase

Madinah, Jan 5, 2024, Official figures reveal that during the fourth quarter of 2023, the number of electronic-commerce records in Madinah rose to 1,834, marking a modest increase of 2.6 percent from the 1,792 records recorded in the previous quarter. These statistics were highlighted in the business sector bulletin for the fourth quarter of 2023, released by the Ministry of Commerce.

Madinah secured the fourth position among the top five regions in the Kingdom, boasting around 1,800 e-commerce records during the same period. The figures indicate the city's growing presence in the digital marketplace, reflecting a steady expansion in the electronic commerce sector.

The overall trend in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is indicative of a robust growth in e-commerce, with a notable 24 percent increase in existing records during the last quarter of 2023. The total number surged to approximately 37,400, showcasing a substantial rise from the figures recorded during the same period in the previous year, which stood at around 30,100.

These statistics underscore the dynamic nature of the e-commerce landscape in Saudi Arabia, with cities like Madinah actively contributing to the sector's expansion. The sustained growth in electronic-commerce records reflects the increasing reliance on digital platforms for business transactions and consumer activities, aligning with global trends in the evolving digital economy.

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