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Makkah students attend 43rd King Abdulaziz International Quran Competition

Makkah, August 31, 2023, For students in Makkah to witness the final qualifying round of the 43rd King Abdulaziz International Competition for the Memorization, Recitation, and Interpretation of the Holy Quran, conducted at the Grand Mosque, the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance has organized school visits. The meetings with the competitors from the Islamic nation as they compete in memorization of the Holy Quran in this international competition were organized to inform young students about the Kingdom's efforts in serving the Holy Quran and to inspire them. The ministry presented the cultural and social services and activities offered to the contestants, including the use of e-judging with the highest standards, to school administrators, staff members, supervisors, and students. It provided a chronology of the previous competitions.

The judging committee met with the pupils and school representatives, who were given advice to follow the Holy Quran's guidelines in moderation in all facets of life.

The ministry gave the pupils gifts at the end of the tour, and at this time, photos were also taken as mementos.

111 of the 166 competitors from 117 different nations participated in the competition's final qualifiers, which were completed this morning. The competition's final ceremony, with a SAR4 million prize fund, will take place the following Wednesday, September 6, at the Grand Mosque.

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