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  • Ahmed Saleh

Malaysia's December 2023 inflation rate holds at 1.5%, CPI 131.2.

Kuala Lumpur, January 22, 2024, According to official data cited by Xinhua on Monday, Malaysia's consumer price index registered at 131.2 in December 2023, compared to 129.2 in the same month the previous year. The country's inflation rate remained at 1.5%.In a statement, the Malaysian Department of Statistics claimed that the rise in inflation was primarily caused by smaller rises in food and non-alcoholic beverages, restaurants and lodging, and other general goods and services.The two major categories with gains were transportation and health.

In the meantime, 2023 saw a 2.5 percent annual headline inflation increase, as opposed to 3.3 percent in 2022.The rise in dining establishments, lodging, non-alcoholic beverage sales, and other general goods and services was the cause of this.


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