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McLaren presents unique motorsport livery at London E-Prix

  • The world's first AI-designed livery for a Formula E team was created in cooperation with NEOM and McLaren Racing.

  • As part of the celebration of McLaren's 60th anniversary, the unique livery will be seen on the race vehicles of the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team during the London E-Prix.

  • The NEOM McLaren Formula E Team drivers and graduates of the Graduate Program at NEOM served as inspiration for the design.

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, To commemorate McLaren Racing's 60th anniversary year at this weekend's London E-Prix, the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team today presented a motorsport livery that is a first for the industry.

The livery was created in partnership with NEOM and McLaren Racing, and it includes artwork based on futuristic sketches contributed by René Rast and Jake Hughes, as well as four graduates of NEOM's Graduate Development Program. The livery was created using a comprehensive AI technique that blended the individual visions of each contributor. A text AI first evaluated the visions to generate a list of prompts. The suggestions were then used to employ text-to-image AI to produce a unique artwork for each vision. The high-resolution graphics that McLaren Racing designers mapped onto the automobile were then created by first combining the six images into one artwork using image-to-image AI.

Later this year, the young Saudi NEOM graduates, who are essential to the design process, will join the NEOM McLaren Electric Talent Programme for a 12-month team development program. In line with a long-term effort, several Saudi graduates will be added to the team over the next few years with the goal of fostering Saudi potential through exposure to a known, high-performance firm.

"The NEOM McLaren Formula E Team partnership supports various NEOM commitments, from driving sustainable solutions and nurturing Saudi talent through development opportunities to bringing new technology to the world," stated Nadhmi Al-Nasr, CEO of NEOM. In order to honor a significant moment in McLaren's history with future-focused thoughts, we have used inventive and imaginative technologies to develop the AI-generated livery.

McLaren Racing CEO Zak Brown stated: "We are excited to collaborate with NEOM on the development of the first AI-designed livery in motorsport." The car's placement on the starting grid in London this weekend will be a significant milestone in the 60th anniversary celebration of McLaren Racing. Because McLaren has a long history of invention in motorsport and other fields, it's equally crucial to look to the future and keep setting new standards.

The cooperation between NEOM and McLaren Electric Racing unites two organizations dedicated to building a brighter future and supports NEOM's ambitions to become the world leader in sports technology and innovation through partnerships on and off the track.

*in a World Championship or other FIA-sanctioned event

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