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  • Ahmed Saleh

"Media Spotlight" exhibition organized by Saudi Ministry of Media at World Defense Show, Feb 4-8

Riyadh, February 05, 2024, The Ministry of Media is set to host the "Media Spotlight" exhibition as an integral part of the "World Defense Show," taking place under the esteemed patronage of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud from February 4 to 8, 2024.

Designed as a captivating experience, the "Media Spotlight" exhibition aims to offer visitors an immersive journey into the Kingdom's future. Through visually compelling presentations, it will showcase the remarkable achievements and successes of significant transformative national projects undertaken by participating entities.

As a new addition to the "Media Oasis" initiative, organized by the Ministry of Media in collaboration with major local and international events, the "Media Spotlight" exhibition aligns with the initiative's goal of supporting innovative information presentation and enhancing media coverage in harmony with global and local conferences.

Featuring over 10 major national projects affiliated with seven key entities, including NEOM, Diriyah Company, King Salman Park Foundation, Qiddiya Project, Sports Boulevard Project, New Murabba Development Company, and the Konoz Initiative, the exhibition employs cutting-edge technological displays to provide a comprehensive experience to visitors within a concise 480 seconds. Through a combination of sound, light, and imagery, it aims to accentuate the milestones of the Saudi Renaissance, in line with the objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

Anticipated to attract over 800 local and international media outlets covering the World Defense Show, the "Media Spotlight" exhibition will cast a significant light on the Kingdom's renewed journey and its ambitious pursuit of prosperity across various domains. With an expected attendance of nearly 100,000 visitors during the exhibition days, it stands as a crucial platform to showcase Saudi Arabia's advancements and aspirations on the global stage.

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