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  • Ahmed Saleh

Meet Fatima Al-Muwainea: Saudi craftswoman excelling in herbal perfume crafting in Al-Jouf

Sakaka, December 8, 2023, Meet Fatima Al-Muwainea, a skilled craftswoman from Saudi Arabia, whose expertise lies in the art of crafting perfumes using the abundant herbs found in the Al-Jouf region, particularly after the rainy season. Fatima has not only mastered this unique craft but has also gained widespread acclaim for her collection of perfumes, soaps, and bath shampoos, all meticulously concocted from locally sourced herbs.

A recent visit by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) to Fatima's home laboratory in Sakaka provided a glimpse into the natural wonders that inspire her creations. Her journey into the world of perfume production began five years ago, fueled by a passion for harnessing the diverse flora of Al-Jouf.

At the heart of Fatima's creations is the renowned lavender plant, abundant in the desert areas of Al-Jouf. Complementing this, she skillfully incorporates other local herbs such as Artemisia, wormwood, and rosemary, resulting in a diverse range of perfumes and cosmetics. From lavender-infused fragrances to Arabian Leopard perfumes and shampoos enriched with natural ingredients like olive oil, Fatima's creations boast a natural essence that resonates with her audience.

Participating in various festivals has not only brought Fatima widespread recognition but has also helped her cultivate a dedicated customer base. These events serve as platforms for inspiration, propelling her to continuously innovate and create new perfumes that align with the preferences of her discerning clientele.

In acknowledgment of her exceptional work in utilizing natural ingredients for manufacturing, Fatima has been honored with local awards at these festivals. Her story not only reflects her individual success but also highlights the rich tradition of craftsmanship and ingenuity in Saudi Arabia's cultural landscape.

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