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  • Ahmed Saleh

Minister Majed Al-Hogail visits Beijing for official visit.

Riyadh, August 13, 2023, In a significant development, the Minister of Municipal, Rural Affairs, and Housing, Majed Al-Hogail, is set to embark on an official visit to the bustling city of Beijing. The purpose of this visit is to foster stronger ties between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the People's Republic of China, particularly in the crucial sectors of municipal affairs and housing. During his time in Beijing, Minister Al-Hogail will engage in fruitful discussions aimed at exploring avenues for collaboration and cooperation. The focus will be on leveraging the expertise of Chinese companies in various areas such as infrastructure, urban development, housing, real estate development, and financing. This visit holds immense potential for both nations as they seek to exchange knowledge and experiences in order to further advance their respective municipal and housing sectors. Minister Al-Hogail's visit to Beijing is a testament to the commitment of Saudi Arabia and China to strengthen their bilateral relations and explore new avenues of partnership. Stay tuned as we bring you the latest updates on this significant visit, highlighting the potential outcomes and opportunities that may arise from this important diplomatic endeavor. In a highly anticipated visit, Al-Hogail is set to grace the Saudi-Chinese Business Forum, a prestigious event that will take place on August 16. The forum will witness the presence of esteemed ministry officials, Saudi investors, and distinguished representatives from Chinese companies and businessmen.his visit, scheduled to last until August 16, holds great significance for fostering bilateral relations between the two nations. In a groundbreaking development, the forum is set to delve into the realm of investment opportunities presented by Saudi Arabia in infrastructure and housing. The primary objective? To entice top-notch Chinese companies to invest in the Kingdom and foster robust partnerships between the two nations. In a highly anticipated development, Al-Hogail, the esteemed representative, is set to convene with the top executives of prominent Chinese corporations. Among the notable entities on the agenda are CITIC Group, CITIC Construction, and China Insurance Company. In addition to his scheduled meetings with Chinese bank executives, including those from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Bank of China, the Export-Import Bank of China, and the China Development Bank, he will also be engaging in discussions with other key stakeholders. In the upcoming meetings, the focus will be on fostering collaboration in infrastructure development and housing projects, as well as delving into various financing models. In a remarkable move, Al-Hogail, a prominent figure, is set to embark on a visit to the exhibition showcasing the development stages of Beijing. This visit aims to delve into the Chinese experience in the realm of city development and improvement. In a momentous event last July, the esteemed minister embarked on an official visit to the vibrant nation of Turkiye. During this highly anticipated trip, the minister had the distinct privilege of bearing witness to the grand inauguration of the Saudi-Turkish Business Forum in the bustling city of Istanbul. In a bid to foster stronger ties and expand collaboration, our esteemed individual recently engaged in a series of high-level meetings. Among the notable encounters were discussions with Turkish government officials, prominent businessmen, and esteemed investors. The primary objective is to explore avenues for enhanced cooperation with Turkish enterprises in the realms of urban development, construction, real estate development, contracting, and the cutting-edge domain of smart cities.

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