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  • Ayda Salem

Minister of Health: Pilgrims Received Over 1.3 Million Medical Services, and Heat Stress Was Effectively Reduced by Health Protocols

According to the Minister of Health, effective health management strategies were implemented during the Hajj season in 2024.

During this time, there were no known epidemics or widespread illness outbreaks.

The hospital system handled about 465,000 people who needed specialized care, while 140,000 and 1,000 people, respectively, were hospitalized for not having the required license to undertake the journey.

Riyadh, June 24, 2024." The Health Minister, Fahd Al-Jalajel, declared that the health management initiatives during the 2024 Hajj season had been successfully implemented. This accomplishment was made possible by the security personnel present during the Hajj as well as the united efforts of the health system. There were no known epidemics or widespread illness outbreaks during this time. Of particular importance is the fact that the healthcare system treated about 465,000 patients with specialized care and another 141,000 patients who were not officially authorized to do the Hajj.

Despite the exceptionally high temperatures at the Holy Sites, Al-Jalajel expressed confidence in the general health of the pilgrims during a media conference. He mentioned the beneficial impacts of the health authorities' prompt action and the Hajj security forces' efficient support in controlling and reducing the consequences of heat stress.This year, the health care system has had to deal with a sizable number of cases of heat stress, and some patients are still undergoing treatment.

 Regrettably, the number of fatalities reached 1,301, with 83 percent of those who died being unauthorized to perform the Hajj and having walked long distances in the sun without enough protection or comfort. Among those who passed away were a number of chronically ill and old people.Al-Jalajel commended the relevant authorities for their significant efforts in raising awareness about the dangers of heat stress and the importance of taking preventive measures. He uttered these words to express his condolences: "May Allah have mercy and forgiveness for the deceased." Our sincere condolences go out to their families. May Allah accept their deeds and provide them recompense for the grief they have suffered.

 We have compiled all reports, notified the families of the deceased, and completed the identification process. We have issued death certificates and followed the appropriate procedures for identifying, burying, and honoring the deceased. This is despite the fact that there was an initial lack of personal information or identity documents. According to Al-Jalajel, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been providing free medical care to pilgrims for a considerable amount of time prior to their arrival. Awareness campaigns at the air, sea, and land borders have accomplished this. We estimated that we offered approximately 1.3 million preventative services, including early detection, vaccines, and medical care upon arrival.

There were over 30,000 ambulance services, with 95 air ambulance operations providing advanced health care delivery in medical cities across the United Kingdom. Dialysis, cardiac catheterization, open heart surgery, and emergency care were among these services. Over 30,000 ambulance services were provided total. Furthermore, the healthcare system furnished about 6,500 hospital beds and rooms for patients. In order to lessen the consequences of heat stress, the healthcare system developed technologies that made it possible for individuals in need to be rescued quickly and successfully.

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