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  • Ahmed Saleh

Minister Salman Al-Dosari sponsors "Horizon" screening at Ministry of Media

Riyadh, Dec 22, 2023, Minister of Media Salman bin Yousef Al-Dosari took part in and sponsored the exclusive screening of the documentary film "Horizon," the latest creation of the Saudi Konoz initiative by the Saudi Center for Government Communication (CGC), held at the Ministry of Media.

The screening, conducted in collaboration with the National Center for Wildlife (NCW), attracted several dignitaries, experts, and media professionals who gathered to witness this remarkable production.

"Horizon" is scheduled for release on various local and international platforms starting from January 4, debuting on Netflix. The documentary serves as a showcase of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's diverse wildlife and biological aspects, spotlighting the dedicated efforts of the Kingdom, led by the NCW and its partners, in the conservation and protection of endangered species.

The NCW played a crucial role in bringing this film to fruition through the Saudi Konoz initiative, providing scientific and knowledge-based services.

During the screening event, the Saudi Konoz initiative announced multiple new partnerships with various media and artistic entities, totaling eight collaborations at both local and international levels. These partnerships aim to amplify the reach and impact of the initiative's productions.

Produced by the highest international production standards, the film enlisted the expertise of an international team specialized in wildlife documentation, along with the participation of 13 Saudi researchers. This collaborative effort by the Ministry of Media aims to illuminate the Kingdom's environmental treasures.

The Saudi Konoz initiative falls under the Human Capability Development Program, an integral component of Saudi Vision 2030. Its primary objective is to document cultural richness, contribute to civilization, and showcase the success stories of Saudi citizens across all fields through the production of documentaries, short films, and animation.

Among its notable productions are "A Difficult Stage," "Nawras Al-Arab (Arabian Gull)," "Ala Hadden Sawa (Alike)," "What Do Saudis Eat," and "Saudi Atlas." The initiative continues to contribute significantly to the cultural landscape, emphasizing the Kingdom's commitment to highlighting its diverse heritage and achievements.

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