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  • Ahmed Saleh

Minister Tsokov meets Bulgarian scientists and engineers at CERN's Geneva base

Geneva, October 09, 2023, Bulgarian Education and Science Minister Galin Tsokov recently met with over 100 Bulgarian scientists and engineers stationed at CERN's Geneva headquarters, as reported by the Bulgarian News Agency. His visit coincided with the inauguration of CERN's Science Gateway, a facility aimed at promoting understanding of CERN's discoveries, scientific achievements, and technological advances among individuals of all ages, educational backgrounds, and professions.

During his stay, Tsokov, along with his deputy Genka Petrova, participated in a ministerial roundtable focused on the role of research infrastructure as a catalyst for career development in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) fields.

The Science Gateway will serve as a hub for exhibitions and activities elucidating the intricacies of nature, spanning from elementary particles to the formation and evolution of the Universe. Notably, it aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in STEM disciplines.

Minister Tsokov highlighted that hands-on experiments will play a pivotal role in the educational program at the Science Gateway, enabling visitors to gain practical experience. This opportunity will extend to Bulgarian students and teachers visiting CERN Headquarters.

Annually, between 250 and 300 Bulgarian school students make trips to CERN Headquarters, while 60 teachers undergo training under the Education and Science Ministry's program. These educators specialize in physics, chemistry, natural sciences, technology, and informatics. During their visits, students typically explore various facilities, including particle accelerators, detectors, control rooms, and computer centers. They also engage in practical experiments, attend lectures, and hold discussions with Bulgarian researchers and engineers employed at CERN.

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