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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry empowers orphans for future success

Riyadh, March 25, 2024, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development is steadfast in its dedication to empowering orphaned individuals, equipping them with the tools and resources needed to forge their own paths towards a brighter future.

Through an array of rehabilitation services, career development pathways, and training initiatives, the ministry is committed to nurturing the potential of orphans, fostering their self-sufficiency, and aligning with the overarching objectives of Saudi Vision 2030.

In a recent press release, the ministry underscored its unwavering support for shelters, foster families, and non-profit organizations, emphasizing the implementation of holistic programs designed to address the myriad needs of orphans across their lifespan. These comprehensive efforts encompass upbringing and education, vocational training, employment opportunities, housing provision, and even assistance with marriage.

The release highlighted the remarkable acceptance rate of orphans into universities, particularly in high-demand majors, with private universities offering scholarships and tuition waivers to ensure access to higher education.

Moreover, the ministry has been instrumental in facilitating employment opportunities for over 600 orphaned individuals in the past two years, striving to secure stable and fulfilling careers for them. Additionally, 3,261 orphans have benefited from on-the-job training programs, further enhancing their skill sets and employability.

Furthermore, the ministry has successfully secured over 90 furnished housing units for orphaned individuals, providing vital support in their transition to independent living. Post-placement assistance and aftercare services are also offered to ensure sustained well-being.

Of significant note is the substantial increase in the marriage rate among orphans, reaching 30%, following the ministry's interventions to address material and psychological barriers, coupled with comprehensive rehabilitation efforts. This underscores the ministry's overarching goal of fostering complete empowerment and social integration among orphaned individuals.

Moreover, the ministry places a premium on enhancing services and fostering collaboration with the non-profit sector. To this end, over 30 agreements and memoranda of understanding have been recently inked with educational institutions, training centers, and private enterprises, underscoring a collective commitment to empowering orphans and nurturing their role as productive contributors to societal development.

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