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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Culture holds "Common Ground" exhibition showcasing Saudi and Yemeni cultures

Riyadh, September 10, 2023, The Ministry of Culture held the "Common Ground," also known as "Between Two Cultures," exhibition in Miadin Hall, Diriyah Governorate. It attracted an impressive number of people who were curious about the artistic and cultural facets of Saudi and Yemeni cultures. Through its various components, the exhibition offers a thorough cultural experience, guiding viewers on an exploratory voyage into the depths of these two cultures. The 13-day show highlights diverse aspects of each nation's language, literature, history, traditions, attire, and cuisine, among other aspects. It aspires to incorporate several facets of culture, providing a singular chance for visitors to explore the specifics of these two cultures, their points of intersection, and their distinctive characteristics. The exhibition features works of art created by artists from both nations, which are exhibited side by side to highlight the innate beauty of each culture and the various artistic trajectories affected by their distinct cultural backgrounds.

The exhibition's visitors enter through the customary welcoming area and proceed to the "Between the Bridges of Art" portion, which showcases artistic creations that represent the most well-known contemporary poems from both countries. The most well-known traditional musical instruments are also displayed in the exhibition.

The 'Between Mud and Architecture' part investigates the aesthetics of building and architecture in both civilizations. The 'Between Heritage and Culture' area, meanwhile, features archaeological relics from the various civilizations that have flourished over time in both countries. Additionally, there are antiquated artifacts and high-definition screens showcasing the natural history, customs, and food of Yemen and Saudi Arabia.

The Ministry of Culture hopes to promote cultural and creative exchange between Saudi and Yemeni peoples by highlighting the positive features of their respective cultures through this exhibition. The exhibition introduces the cultures and arts of both nations and offers a singular platform for creative expression.

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