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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Culture launches 'Voice of the Poem' competition online

Riyadh, November 2, 2023, The Ministry of Culture has unveiled the 'Voice of the Poem' competition, hosted on a dedicated online platform, with the primary goal of enhancing poetic recitation skills for individuals of all age groups. This competition forms a vital component of the 'Year of Arab Poetry 2023' initiative, underscoring the enduring cultural significance of Arab poetry within the region.

To partake in this event, interested individuals can access the competition via the following link:

The competition commences with the selection of poems hailing from the rich Arab heritage, tailored to specific age groups. Participants have the convenience of submitting their recitations virtually through the platform. An esteemed panel of judges, renowned for their qualifications and experience, will evaluate these submissions, considering elements such as artistic expression, vocal performance, emotional resonance, innovation, and originality.

Winners will be duly recognized and their submissions showcased via the platform, celebrating their poetic achievements.

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