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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Human Resources launches Professional Verification program in Egypt

Riyadh, January 1, 2024, The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development has initiated the first phase of the Professional Verification program in Egypt, in collaboration with the Egyptian Ministry of Manpower. This groundbreaking program aims to synchronize the skill-inspection systems of both countries, ensuring that skilled laborers entering the Saudi market possess the appropriate qualifications.

The initial phase of the program focuses on five vocational fields: plumbing, electricity, welding, automobile mechanics, and carpentry. Future phases are anticipated to incorporate additional vocational fields, expanding the program's scope and impact.

The initiative in Egypt is part of the ministry's broader strategy to implement the Professional Verification program in multiple countries, following its successful deployment in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. This program plays a crucial role in guaranteeing that workers possess the requisite skills for their chosen professions before entering the Saudi labor market.

The professional verification certificate has become a fundamental requirement for recruiting laborers for specific roles in the Kingdom. This certificate is obtained from an accredited inspection center in the workers' home country after successfully passing both theoretical and practical tests.

Aligned with other development programs, this initiative falls under the umbrella of the Professional Accreditation system. It reflects the Kingdom's commitment to creating a robust and attractive labor market characterized by flexibility, swift adaptation to variables, and the attraction of highly skilled individuals.

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