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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Interior's Absher platform recorded 2.6 million electronic transactions in July

Riyadh, August 21, 2023, In a remarkable display of efficiency, the Ministry of Interior's electronic platform, known as „Absher", recorded an impressive number of over 2.6 million electronic transactions in the month of July. Diese Platform, which is under the ministry's management, successfully facilitated these transactions for a diverse range of Individuals, including Citizens, Residents, and Visitors. The seamless integration of Absher with the ministry's various sectors' electronic services played a pivotal role in ensuring the smooth execution of these transactions. The Ministry of Interior's Agency for Civil Affairs, the General Directorate of Passports, and the General Traffic Department of Public Security have effectively carried out these services. In a recent series of transactions, the platform has successfully handled an impressive number of requests. Specifically, a staggering 172,281 document delivery requests were processed through the platform's efficient mail system. Additionally, the platform diligently addressed 5,012 general inquiries pertaining to fingerprinting, ensuring that users received the necessary information. Furthermore, the platform's Absher Reporting Service played a crucial role in generating and issuing a remarkable 9,719 Reports. These accomplishments highlight the platform's commitment to providing seamless and reliable services to its users.

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