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Ministry of IT signs cooperation agreement with India

In a significant development, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology has officially inked a cooperation agreement with the Republic of India. This agreement, focused on digitization and electronic manufacturing, holds immense potential for both nations.

On a momentous occasion, the agreement was officially signed by none other than the Saudi Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Eng. Abdullah Alswaha, and his Indian counterpart, Minister for Railways, Communications, Electronics, and Information Technology, Ashwini Vaishnaw.

In a bid to foster stronger ties between Saudi Arabia and India, an agreement has been reached to bolster cooperation in various sectors. The focus of this agreement lies in the realms of digital infrastructure, e-health, and e-learning. Additionally, the two nations aim to fortify their partnership in digital research and innovation, as well as the utilization of emerging technologies.

In a groundbreaking agreement, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set its sights on solidifying its position as a prominent regional center for technology and innovation while simultaneously enhancing its appeal as a lucrative investment destination.

In a bid to foster innovation and bolster the growth of the digital economy, an agreement has been reached with the goal of establishing strong strategic partnerships. This move is set to align with the Kingdom's aspirations in this realm, aiming to provide ample support for its endeavors.

Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 is being propelled forward by these commendable endeavors.

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