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  • Ahmed Saleh

Ministry of Sports dissolves Al-Safa Club board for non-compliance

DAMMAM — The Ministry of Sports has officially announced the dissolution of the board of Al-Safa Club in the Eastern Region due to the club's failure to comply with the regulations and statutes governing sports clubs. This decisive action comes in response to observed violations by the Al-Safa Club's fan association during a local football match, contravening Article (8/1) of the basic regulations for sports clubs, which mandates adherence to the established regulations in the Kingdom.

According to Article (36/3) of the basic regulations for sports clubs, the Ministry holds the authority to dissolve a board of directors if actions, practices, or deeds are committed that contravene public order, public morals, or established regulations. In this case, the Ministry cites Al-Safa Club's non-compliance with the regulations and statutes that aim to achieve the lofty goals of sports.

The Ministry's decision includes not only the dissolution of the board of directors of Al-Safa Club with immediate effect but also the prohibition of the violators from membership in Al-Safa Club or any other clubs. The individuals involved will be referred to the relevant authorities for necessary actions.

In a statement released on Saturday, the Ministry underscored the importance of everyone's adherence to the regulations and statutes related to sports competitions. This move emphasizes the commitment to upholding the integrity of sports and maintaining the highest standards of conduct within the sporting community.

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