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Ministry of Tourism conducts 30,000+ inspections, finds 26,000 violations in 2023

Riyadh, February 11, 2024, The Ministry of Tourism announced in a press release on Sunday that it conducted over 30,000 monitoring and inspection visits to popular facilities and activities across all administrative regions of the Kingdom in 2023, uncovering more than 26,000 violations.

As a result of non-compliance with approved obligations and standards, 345 tourist hospitality facilities, including hotels and furnished apartments, were closed down.

Additionally, the ministry swiftly addressed over 40,000 complaints received, demonstrating its commitment to effective oversight and response mechanisms.

These inspection tours are integral to the ministry's ongoing efforts to ensure the sustainability of the tourism sector. By enforcing regulations and standards, the ministry aims to enhance the quality of services provided and elevate the overall visitor experience.

The Ministry of Tourism reiterated its commitment to fostering fair competition among investors in the tourism sector. Enforcement actions against violators follow a series of awareness and warning measures, including deadlines for facilities to rectify their performance in line with regulations.

The ministry conducts inspection tours to drive service development in the hospitality industry, revitalizing the sector to position the Kingdom as an appealing tourist destination.

Detailed regulations, requirements, and standards for the field are accessible on the ministry's official website, social media platforms, or through contacting the Tourism Call Center at 930.

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