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MoU signed between JADCO and E Green Global at ministry event

Riyadh, Jan 26, 2024, The Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture played host to a momentous event as Al Jouf Agricultural Development Company (JADCO) and E Green Global (EGG) of the Republic of Korea signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU). This landmark agreement focuses on the transfer and localization of advanced techniques for potato seed production within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudi-Korean collaboration is poised to propel the development of the potato seed production industry, contributing significantly to the sustainability of the local agricultural sector. The signing ceremony was graced by the presence of Eng. Ahmed Saleh Aiadh, the Deputy Minister for Agriculture at the Ministry.

At its core, the collaboration seeks to empower local companies in transitioning into industrial agricultural entities, providing them with the tools to export their products to international markets. By doing so, the initiative aims to fortify the sustainability of the agricultural sector, ensuring food security for strategic commodities and fostering a positive impact on the trade balance.

The MoU serves as a comprehensive framework, outlining the parameters for mutual cooperation between JADCO and EGG. The exchange of expertise and collaborative efforts between the two entities is designed to achieve the specified objectives and contribute to the growth and advancement of the agricultural sector in the Kingdom. This strategic partnership not only supports local development but also aligns with broader goals of enhancing the Kingdom's presence in global markets. The signing of this MoU marks a significant step towards achieving greater self-sufficiency and resilience in the agricultural landscape of Saudi Arabia.

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