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  • Ahmed Saleh

'Move Your World' Summer Campaign by Saudi Sports for All Federation Aims to Encourage Regular Physical Activity

Riyadh, May 13, 2024, The Saudi Sports for All Federation has said that its 2024 summer campaign "Move Your World" aims to determine and address challenges hindering people from engaging in physical activities.

 The federation conducted a survey of men and women across the Kingdom and identified various such obstacles and difficulties. The campaign aims to identify obstacles and challenges preventing people from engaging in physical activities, encourage individuals to overcome these challenges, make physical activity part of their daily routine, and create an environment encouraging sports.

 The campaign gathers adult citizens’ and of residents’ opinions in an effort to find the main reasons preventing them from practicing sports or other physical activities regularly.

 One common reason for 46% of those polled is lack of time. Others, making up some 14%, pointed to health, disabilities, or injuries, about 13% cited social or family obligations, and 8% fear of injury.

 The federation aims to raise awareness among various segments of society about the benefits of physical activity, and help overcome the issues hindering it.

 The Move Your World campaign will continue throughout the summer, aiming to motivate people across the Kingdom to participate in weekly challenges via the Saudi Sports for All Federation application, and highlight how important physical activity is for all individuals.

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