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  • Ahmed Saleh

Muslim World League (MWL) strongly condemns desecration of Holy Quran in Stockholm.

Makkah, July 21, 2023, The condemnation issued by the Muslim World League (MWL) is resolute and unequivocal, denouncing the abhorrent act of desecrating a sacred copy of the Holy Quran. This deplorable incident, perpetrated by an extremist individual within the confines of the Swedish capital, Stockholm, represents a flagrant transgression that brazenly disregards the profound sentiments held by Muslims. The General Secretariat of the League, in its official statement, vehemently condemns these preposterous and abhorrent practices that flagrantly transgress established religious and human norms and principles. The aforementioned statement highlights the recent declaration made by Swedish society, wherein a resolute disapproval of these practices is expressed. Regrettably, these practices are being carried out with official endorsement under the guise of "Freedom of Expression". However, it is crucial to recognize that these practices not only contravene the principles of civilized and rational freedoms, but also transgress the fundamental tenets that advocate for the reverence of sanctities and the avoidance of discrimination or provocation under any circumstances. The esteemed organization known as MWL has recently reiterated its cautionary stance regarding the perils associated with engaging in practices that incite animosity and provoke religious sentiments. Such activities, it must be emphasized, merely serve to advance the nefarious objectives of extremist factions.

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