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  • Ahmed Saleh

Naba Alsaha Medical Services Co. News

In comparison to the prior period, the company's revenues increased by 18.94 million Saudi riyals (30.1%) to reach 81.84 million riyals during the fiscal year that ends on June 30, 2023. This is because the revenues from outpatient clinics increased by 15%, those from inpatients increased by 22%, and the revenues from Al-Anwar Medical Hospital totaled 4.63 million riyals for the time period. These factors combined to increase the company's net profits by 12.38 million Saudi riyals (80.4%), bringing them to 27.77 million riyals from the previous time period. The 9.66 million riyal profit from the purchase of Al-Anwar Medical Hospital is included in the company's net profit, which in turn helped to increase the company's share profit to 3.97 riyals from 2.20 riyals for the prior period, which is a non-recurring profit.

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