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  • Ahmed Saleh

Najran Department of Education teaches Chinese in secondary schools

Najran, September 6, 2023, The Najran Department of Education has started a program to teach the fascinating Chinese language in the area's secondary public and private schools. According to the department, the program includes teaching the enriched Chinese language to students with one lesson each week in public and private secondary schools as of 1445 AH, and it is intended for 1,506 students in the second secondary grade. Hussein Al Muammar, the Department's Assistant of Educational Affairs, noted that the program aims to develop students' skills, give them self-learning abilities based on activities, and encourage students to explore the Chinese language early in order to enroll in the Chinese language class in the third secondary grade in the optional field.

The Department of Education in Najran aspires to achieve national objectives and keep up with the growth of Saudi-Chinese relations in a variety of fields by making the best use of the human resources that are currently available in the field of education. This is done by giving them the responsibility of overseeing enrichment programs and diversifying the methods used to adopt the Chinese language in both public and private schools.

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