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  • Sheryll Mericido

National eLearning Center Drives Innovation and Quality in Online Education

In the realm of digital transformation and technological advancements, the National eLearning Center (NeLC) takes the lead in enhancing online learning and training in Saudi Arabia. As an independent entity, NeLC focuses on regulating standards, ensuring quality, and fostering innovation in eLearning.

NeLC is committed to achieving excellence in online learning by governing education and training. It equips individuals from various sectors with the necessary skills to effectively leverage modern technologies, providing comprehensive support for their development. Through an innovative and reliable educational experience, NeLC aims to empower and enhance human resources at all levels.

The center remains dedicated to its mission of regulating and governing eLearning practices in Saudi Arabia. NeLC provides licensing services to agencies and programs, enabling them to embrace online and blended learning and training. This commitment to regulatory oversight ensures adherence to the highest standards of quality, governance, and organization within the sector.

NeLC offers essential products such as the National eLearning Platform 'Futurex', which serves over 1,000 government and private entities. It also provides professional degrees in learning and training. Additionally, the National Open Educational Resources Platform 'OERx' offers a vast collection of over 24,000 resources shared with more than 100 entities across all sectors.

The OERx platform enhances stakeholder and beneficiary experiences through specialized pages, curated learning paths, and seamless integration with online learning and training systems. It allows entities and individuals to enrich open educational content while ensuring easy access based on adopted standards. These efforts significantly contribute to enhancing the capability of eLearning in Saudi Arabia.

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