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  • Ahmed Saleh

National eLearning Center releases Digital Education Index 2023 report

Riyadh, March 19, 2024, The National eLearning Center unveiled the National Index for Digital Education 2023 report today, aimed at evaluating the Kingdom's progress in digital education and training and its alignment with evolving technological advancements and educational methodologies.

Guided by the objectives outlined in the Kingdom's Vision 2030, which prioritizes the development of human capital to meet the demands of the labor market and bolster the private sector's contributions to the economy, the report underscores the imperative of digital transformation for fostering innovation and sustainable solutions.

Structured to provide periodic assessments, the report offers insights into the performance of entities relative to others in the same sector, highlighting unique achievements and areas for improvement in digital education and training provision.

Furthermore, the report serves as a platform for entities to solicit expert feedback and recommendations for enhancing their digital education and training initiatives. The National eLearning Center also extends support by facilitating connections with specialized companies in digital content and educational technologies, thereby enriching the learning experience and keeping entities abreast of the latest developments in the field.

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