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  • Ahmed Saleh

NCM reports natural power display in Saudi Arabia, including thundershowers and wind gusts

Riyadh, August 14, 2023, As reported by the esteemed National Center of Meteorology (NCM), a captivating display of nature's power is set to unfold today in various regions of Saudi Arabia. The enchanting dance of moderate and torrential thundershowers, accompanied by robust gusts of wind, is expected to grace the landscapes of Jazan, Asir, and Baha. These awe-inspiring phenomena will extend their reach to the majestic heights of the Makkah Region, where the sky will be adorned with partly cloudy conditions and intermittent thunderstorms, all accompanied by the mighty force of the wind. Meanwhile, in the regions of Najran, Tabuk, and Madinah, the sky will also showcase its splendor with a mixture of partly cloudy conditions and thunderstorms, accompanied by the same powerful gusts of wind. Truly, nature's symphony is poised to captivate and inspire all who bear witness to its magnificent display. In certain regions of the eastern, northeastern, and central Kingdom, scorching temperatures are expected to prevail, intensifying the ongoing heatwave. Additionally, surface winds are anticipated to carry dust particles across the Northern Borders, Jawf, and Riyadh regions, potentially impacting visibility and air quality in these areas. In the stunning expanse of the Red Sea, a captivating interplay of winds is set to grace the region. From the southwest to the northwest, these winds will sweep across the azure waters, their gentle yet invigorating force reaching speeds ranging from 15 to 40 kilometers per hour. In the vast expanse of the northern and central regions of the Arabian Gulf, a gentle breeze will grace the atmosphere, originating from the southwest and northwest directions. As the day progresses, this tranquil wind will gradually shift towards the northeast, creating a harmonious symphony of air currents. With a moderate velocity ranging from 10 to 25 kilometers per hour, this gentle zephyr will delicately caress the surroundings, leaving a serene and tranquil ambiance in its wake.

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