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  • Ahmed Saleh

NCM warns of heavy thunderstorms, torrential rains, and winds in Saudi.\

Riyadh, February 16, 2024, The National Center for Meteorology (NCM) has issued a weather advisory, forecasting moderate to heavy thunderstorms accompanied by torrential rains and strong winds, leading to dust and dirt agitation in various regions of Saudi Arabia. The areas of Al-Baha, Makkah, Qassim, Riyadh, and the northern parts of the Eastern Region are anticipated to be particularly impactful. The weather conditions are expected to be moderately intense in the regions of Jazan, Asir, Tabuk, Al-Jawf, the Northern Border, and the overall Eastern region.

The report from NCM highlights a significant temperature drop in parts of the north and northwest of the country, coinciding with active surface winds. Notably, snowfall is expected to persist in the highlands of the Tabuk region, specifically in Jabal al-Lawz and Alqan.

The meteorological advisory further details the movement of surface winds along the Red Sea, indicating a northwesterly to southwesterly direction at speeds ranging from 15-45 km/h, potentially exceeding 50 km/h during the formation of rainy thunderclouds. The accompanying sea conditions are forecasted to have wave heights ranging from one to two meters, possibly exceeding two meters, resulting in moderately wavy and wavy seas due to the formation of rainy thunderclouds.

In the Arabian Gulf, the surface wind movement is expected to be easterly to southeasterly at speeds of 15-40 km/hour, with wave heights ranging from one to two meters. The sea condition along the Gulf is projected to be light to medium.

Residents and travelers in the affected regions are advised to exercise caution, stay informed through official channels, and take necessary precautions to ensure their safety in light of the anticipated weather conditions.

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