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NEOM introduces new ecotourism destination, Leyja, in northwest Saudi Arabia

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, – NEOM's Board of Directors has unveiled its latest ecotourism destination, Leyja, situated in the sustainable regional development of northwest Saudi Arabia. Nestled within NEOM, Leyja offers a remarkable blend of history, mythology, and natural beauty. Starting from the captivating Gulf of Aqaba coast, it meanders inland, flanked by towering 400-meter-high mountains, shaped over centuries by the forces of nature and water.

This new addition to NEOM's tourism portfolio aligns with Saudi Vision 2030's efforts to foster a robust and sustainable tourism sector. Moreover, NEOM is committed to preserving nature, with 95% of Leyja designated as a nature reserve and the development employing eco-conscious design and construction practices to seamlessly integrate with the environment.

Leyja features three thoughtfully designed hotels, each boasting 40 boutique rooms and suites. The first property caters to adventure enthusiasts, blending with the landscape to facilitate rock climbing and outdoor activities. The second property stands at the heart of the wadi's oasis, providing a gateway to explore the valley, while the third offers an immersive wellness retreat with a reflective façade, allowing the wadi to flow through the center of the property.

Upon completion, Leyja will offer diverse experiences, including fine dining by renowned chefs, wellness facilities, rooftop infinity pools, guided wadi walks, hiking trails, mountain biking, and climbing opportunities. This development adds to NEOM's growing portfolio, which includes luxury island Sindalah, the cognitive linear city THE LINE, year-round mountain destination Trojena, and the reimagined industrial city, Oxagon.

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