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  • Sheryll Mericido

NEOM Partners Employment Forum begins, 20 businesses gather

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Today marks the start of the second iteration of the NEOM Partners Employment Forum, a two-day event that will bring together 20 significant local and foreign businesses from NEOM's top partners working in its many programs and industries.

More than 1,500 job positions will be offered at the forum for local young talent from the NEOM and Tabuk regions who have successfully completed the registration process based on an evaluation to match their qualifications with opportunities that are available.

The purpose of the event is to give potential employees the chance to apply for jobs offered by top local and international companies involved with NEOM in order to attract young people with potential who can help shape the new future and advance NEOM. Job seekers can directly submit their applications at the forum, participate in networking events, and conduct in-person interviews with businesses.

The sessions at the job fair that provide advice and suggestions on creating expert resumes, acing job interviews, and effortlessly securing employment chances at the appropriate time and place will be helpful to attendees as well. All applications and submissions will be processed digitally to limit the use of paper and protect natural resources, in keeping with NEOM's environmental sustainability initiatives.

In keeping with the 'Enhancing Quality of Life' track of the NEOM CSR strategy, NEOM is hosting the forum to fortify its relationships with the local community, provide them with exceptional livability standards, and create for them a sustainable and prosperous business environment that promotes innovation and supports ambition.

NEOM continues to empower students, recent graduates, and job seekers through its social responsibility approach and development programs, assisting them in realizing their potential and achieving their goals. According to the Human Capability Development Program of Saudi Vision 2030, NEOM in turn helps to activate its role in advancing the sustainable development of communities throughout its region and the larger Kingdom.

The inaugural NEOM Partners Employment Forum, which was held in May 2022 and featured 15 illustrious local and worldwide organizations, was a great success, and this year's event is even more anticipated. Over 3,500 students, graduates, and job seekers attended the forum's initial iteration, which resulted in 1,344 job openings and 1,067 job interviews that led to more than 500 employment offers.

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