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In order to create and distribute a sizable visual library showcasing its diverse and natural environment and give the world a preview of what they will discover in the years to come, NEOM has partnered with Getty Images and Unsplash, a renowned global visual content creator and marketplace, before it opens to tourists in 2024.

To be among the first to experience and document NEOM's varied scenery, 14 top photographers from Getty Images and Unsplash were chosen. Over 200 photos of NEOM's natural landscapes—from islands, coral reefs, and beaches to deserts, mountains, and coastal plains—are included in the inaugural release.

The region and its islands, the first of which, Sindalah, will open in Q1, 2024, are depicted in several of the images as are their stunning waterways and marine life.

The visual assets are accessible for visitors, partners, and creative collaborators via branded collections on the Getty Images website and Unsplash at in order to assist the world learn more about what makes NEOM extraordinary and distinctive.

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