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  • Sheryll Mericido

NEOM, Saudi Arabia, Partners with CARE's, Italian Chefs' Global Initiative

NEOM, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, NEOM, the renowned innovation hub situated in the northwest region of Saudi Arabia, has recently unveiled an exciting collaboration with CARE's, a prominent global initiative established by the esteemed Italian chefs Norbert Niederkofler and Paolo Ferretti. This groundbreaking partnership aims to cultivate NEOM's distinctive culinary identity, emphasizing the responsible treatment of the food supply chain from its origin on the planet to its ultimate destination on the plate. In a bid to foster culinary innovation and empower Saudi chefs, a groundbreaking initiative is set to inspire a new generation of culinary enthusiasts. With a focus on harnessing the potential of local ingredients, this initiative aims to transform these aspiring chefs into catalysts for change, revolutionizing the gastronomic landscape of Saudi Arabia. By encouraging the creation of tantalizing and delectable dishes that showcase the richness of their respective regions, this movement seeks to ignite a culinary revolution that will leave taste buds tingling and palates yearning for more.

NEOM, in collaboration with CARE, has announced its ambitious plan to create a comprehensive manifesto catering to food industry professionals. This groundbreaking initiative aims to establish a set of principles that will guide the industry towards sustainable gastronomy and food security. Additionally, the manifesto will include educational initiatives and content designed to enhance knowledge and awareness surrounding healthy eating practices. This joint effort between NEOM and CARE is set to revolutionize the food industry and pave the way for a more sustainable and health-conscious future. In a bold move aimed at fostering the growth of Saudi talent, a groundbreaking partnership has been forged. This alliance seeks to pave the way for a multitude of training opportunities and chef camps, all with the ultimate goal of honing culinary skills. Additionally, an exciting award series is set to be launched, which will shine a spotlight on exceptional instances of innovation within the realm of food systems. In an exclusive statement, Dr. Juan Carlos Motamayor, the esteemed Executive Director of NEOM Food Sector, expressed his unwavering dedication to tackling the pressing issues of climate change and food insecurity. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, NEOM has pledged to spearhead the development of innovative and revolutionary food solutions, leveraging the invaluable support of industry partners and esteemed specialists in the field. Collaborating alongside Norbert and the CARE program presents us with a unique chance to showcase, cultivate, and execute regionally customized contemporary food methodologies that not only cater to the dietary requirements of individuals in NEOM and the Kingdom but also safeguard our environment."

In a remarkable initiative, CARE unites a diverse group of culinary experts, visionary entrepreneurs, and esteemed professionals hailing from the food industry. Their collective mission? To champion the widespread adoption of locally sourced ingredients and sustainable food practices that seamlessly align with the principles of nature. Currently, the program boasts an impressive roster of over 150 esteemed chefs hailing from more than 25 countries. These culinary virtuosos serve as global ambassadors, lending their expertise and passion to a multitude of initiatives and engagement opportunities. Their collective efforts are aimed at fostering a sustainable approach to gastronomy and ensuring a harmonious coexistence between culinary delights and the environment. In a recent statement, Norbert Niederkofler, one of the co-founders of CARE, expressed his thoughts on the partnership. He highlighted the significance of this collaboration, emphasizing that it presents a unique chance for CARE to establish solid groundwork for an ethical and sustainable gastronomy approach within the Kingdom. Furthermore, Niederkofler emphasized the importance of nurturing Saudi talent, as it will play a crucial role in driving innovation in the realm of food. In a promising collaboration, CARE's extensive network of international multidisciplinary ambassador chefs is joining forces with NEOM's team of food industry specialists. With NEOM's impressive technological capabilities and unwavering commitment to innovation, the stage is set for a transformative partnership that aims to bring about significant change, not only for the Kingdom but also for the global community. NEOM CARE's recent partnership represents a significant step forward in NEOM's unwavering dedication to utilizing groundbreaking advancements in order to sustainably support both humanity and the environment. By prioritizing food security for future generations, NEOM is solidifying its commitment to nourishing people and safeguarding the planet.

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