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  • Sheryll Mericido

NEOM U aims for top-tier ERI industry after renaming president

  • From the early years to higher education and continued professional development, there will be a sector that offers tailored and lifetime learning.

  • The ecosystem will provide access to cutting-edge research, an innovation infrastructure, and industry interaction through NEOM's highly trained and professional staff.

  • The development of knowledge and skill sets for the future workforce will be emphasized in curricula.

NEOM, August 28, 2023 – The sustainable development project NEOM, which is taking shape in northwest Saudi Arabia, has made known that it intends to create a top-tier education, research, and innovation (ERI) industry. The revision comes after Andreas Cangellaris was named the founding president of NEOM U, the main university of NEOM, last year.

The Education, Research, and Innovation Foundation, the Talent Academy, and early childhood through 12th-grade education are the four interrelated pillars that make up NEOM's ERI. No matter what stage of life the learner is in, the sector will make it possible for them to have access to a world-class ecosystem of research, education, and innovation. As an illustration, NEOM's Talent Academy will assist ongoing professional growth by offering possibilities for upskilling and lifelong learning that were developed in conjunction with NEOM's diverse industries.

Based on NEOM's strategic aims, academic programs, research, and innovation initiatives will concentrate on societal concerns in order to foster strong partnerships with international partners in new and diverse industries. A crucial initial step in this effort is the new NEOM Green Hydrogen and e-Fuels Applied Research Institute (ARI) and the NEOM-KAUST Ocean Science and Solutions ARI, both of which are part of the Applied Research Institute (ARI) program of the ERI Foundation.

The chief executive of NEOM, Nadhmi Al-Nasr, stated: "Education is the primary cornerstone of every society. It is only fitting that a community like NEOM, which is imagining nothing short of a new future for the globe, has an education system in place that is ready to satisfy those demands. In order for us to achieve our objectives, the objectives of Vision 2030, and the issues facing the world in the upcoming years, the creation of the new ERI sector at NEOM is a critical step forward.

"Education is the cornerstone of progress," declared Andreas Cangelaris, the founding president of NEOM U. We are currently developing cutting-edge facilities, academic programs, and research initiatives to support NEOM's vision and advance our objectives. Because of its unique position, NEOM is able to adopt cutting-edge educational ideas and technological advancements to influence how people learn in the future. We look forward to collaborating with leaders from a variety of sectors to develop this intellectually robust center that is interconnected and supports global progress. The courses implemented across NEOM's ERI pillars will encourage a workforce that is fluent in digital technology and give students real-world skill sets and critical thinking abilities. All age groups and educational programs will incorporate cutting-edge technology, inquiry- and experiential-based learning, and digital tools like VR simulation training. Through experiential learning, NEOM U graduates will develop the abilities to build novel solutions by utilizing NEOM's distinctive "living laboratory" setting.

While NEOM U intends to start offering online courses as early as 2025, students will be able to access the Talent Academy's online programs starting in 2024.

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