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New 2024 Toyota Innova model with larger dimensions and hybrid engine

The renowned Innova has finally received a new 2024 model from Abdul Latif Jameel Motors in Saudi Arabia. The new Toyota Innova 2024 will have larger inside dimensions for enhanced comfort as well as a new hybrid engine option, the dealer said at the unveiling event.

Toyota Innova 2024 Features in KSA

The 2024 Toyota Innova is a blend of style and toughness that makes it the ideal traveling partner for complete comfort. Let's quickly review the achievements of the Japanese carmaker this year, as the model has undergone some significant alterations and upgrades:

A better fuel consumption rate is provided by the engine

As you can see in the table above, Toyota substituted a hybrid option for the diesel one in the 2024 model.

This is a very important move for Innova as well as the Saudi markets' transition to accepting all types of electric vehicles, and it appears that the Japanese automaker is wasting no time and wants to include these types of vehicles in its Saudi range on a larger scale.

A CVT transmission, which offers improved acceleration and much lower fuel consumption, is one of the additional upgrades.

New identity for the exterior design

To maintain its place in the family minivan market, the Innova has abandoned its signature design language in favor of a robust, bold exterior that also has some of its exquisite touches.

What are the most notable changes, as seen in the aforementioned pictures?

  • Dynamic front and rear fascia

  • Headlights and taillights with a bold and modern design (LED instead of halogen)

  • A bright frame wrapping around the bottom of the grille

  • Prominent front bumper

  • Longer and larger hood

  • Highly dynamic side profile

  • Larger and wider arches that house 17 or 16-inch alloy wheels

Fits all family members comfortably thanks to interior features

Toyota made sure to increase the Innova's dimensions this time, which is what gave the cabin so much space. In addition, the car's height off the ground has been lowered to ensure better accessibility for people of all ages.

We all know that the Toyota Innova has 7 or 8 comfortable seats (depending on the model), as well as a very wide rear storage area, so with that in mind, it is clear why the Innova continues to be one of the best family minivans.

Interior features of the Toyota Innova 2024:

  • Rear air conditioner control

  • Manual conditioner

  • Driving mode selector

  • USB connection

  • CD player

  • AUX input

  • Bluetooth

  • 6 speakers

  • Infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay

  • Fabric seats

  • LED ambient lighting

Advanced Systems to Support the Journey's Safety Features

Nowadays, safety features are a necessity in cars since they are so important to the decision to buy one. But how is that? What did Toyota include in the Innova 2024 to entice those purchasers who are searching the minivan-SUV market for a vehicle that would allow them to stop worrying about the safety of their family members?

  • Cruise control

  • Tire pressure monitoring

  • Stability control

  • Slip control

  • Brake assist technology

  • Anti-collision automatic braking

  • Theft protection system

  • Electronic parking brake with stop function

  • Hill start assist system

  • Front and rear sensors

  • Rear camera

  • 6 airbags

Toyota Innova 2024 Cost in Saudi Arabia

The 2024 Toyota Innova is already available in Saudi Arabia at Abdul Latif Jameel Motors; therefore, you can apply to get one right away. The trims that are offered and their costs are listed in the table below:

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