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  • Ahmed Saleh

New Scorpion Species Discovered in Riyadh's Majami Al-Hadb Reserve

Riyadh, November 20, 2023, The National Center for Wildlife has unveiled the discovery of a new species of scorpion in the Majami Al-Hadb Reserve, located in southern Riyadh. Belonging to the Leiurus genus, the scorpion was identified through shape and genetic analysis, with the findings published in specialized international wildlife journals.

This newly discovered scorpion species, distinct from others in the Kingdom, brings the global total of known Leiurus species to 22, with five of them found in Saudi Arabia. The scientific journal Zookeys featured the discovery in its September 7, 2023, issue, with the new species officially listed in Zoobank and Genbank.

The National Centre for Wildlife aims to assess the prevalence and future status of this species as part of its commitment to wildlife care, contributing to the preservation of environmental balance and biodiversity in the Kingdom.

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