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  • Ahmed Saleh

NWC and KAUST collaborate for water and environmental treatment research exchange

Riyadh, October 23, 2023, The National Water Company (NWC) and King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) have formally entered into a cooperation agreement aimed at fostering research and knowledge exchange in water and environmental treatment.

The agreement was signed by NWC CEO Nemer Al-Shebel and KAUST Vice President for Research Pierre Magistretti. NWC expressed its commitment to developing innovative solutions, embracing cutting-edge technologies, and enhancing wastewater treatment systems while also focusing on energy generation.

KAUST highlighted that this collaboration will invigorate research activities and the application of modern technologies, ultimately improving operational efficiency and advancing technologies in the water and environmental services sectors. It underlines the importance of knowledge exchange between the two entities.

Furthermore, KAUST emphasized its pride in sustaining its strategic partnership with NWC and their joint efforts to address national and global challenges, thereby achieving substantial societal impact within the water and environmental treatment domains, in alignment with Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030.

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