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  • Ahmed Saleh

OIC Election Observation Mission to Cambodia Meets with ‘Islamic Affairs’ Minister

Jeddah, July 20, 2023 In a significant development, the esteemed members of the election observation mission from the esteemed Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) convened today in the vibrant city of Phnom Penh. Their purpose? To engage in a crucial meeting with none other than Othman Hassan, the esteemed Cambodian Minister of State responsible for Special Missions and Special Envoy to the esteemed OIC. Yousef Al-Dobeay, the OIC Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, has been appointed as the head of the OIC election observation mission. During the meeting, participants engaged in a comprehensive discussion on bilateral relations, focusing on strategies to strengthen and improve them. Additionally, they delved into the most recent regional and international developments that are of mutual interest. Notably, the situation of the Muslim minority in Cambodia emerged as a key topic of concern. In a recent statement, Al-Dobeay, a prominent figure, praised the remarkable levels of tolerance and interfaith coexistence witnessed in Cambodian society. He specifically highlighted the successful integration of Muslims within the fabric of Cambodian society, emphasizing the harmonious coexistence that has been achieved.

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