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  • Ahmed Saleh

OMODA 5 EV launching in Q4 with crossover design and intelligent technology

The fourth quarter of this year will see the formal launch of the OMODA 5 EV. OMODA 5 EV, a pioneer in future travel, will provide users with a pleasant and secure driving experience thanks to its four key selling points: a crossover design, intelligent technology, EIC (motor, battery, and electric control) technology, and worry-free safety. The OMODA brand is also dedicated to the idea of environmental protection, green development, and sustainable growth in the future. Its first worldwide new energy model, the OMODA 5 EV, will also be a leader in the trend of environmental protection and green development.

Expressing the Character of the New Generation Through Crossover Design

The OMODA 5 EV, which is characterized by a crossover design, adopts a crossover styling design for its exterior. With a streamlined body that cuts through light and shadows and a high-tech, futuristic front face, it gives the vehicle a sense of motion. The interior also features elements of future technology, and the gear shift is made to be both easy to use and high-tech. Seven colorful and dynamic exterior colors and three interior color-matching designs are offered to consumers, providing them with a multitude of outside and interior color selections to suit their individual demands.

Enjoy the Future of Technology with Intelligent Guidance with Intelligent Technology

The OMODA 5 EV has a number of sophisticated technology variants. It has a 12.3-inch super-large, curved screen with visual technologies that offer consumers intelligent trip guidance. Both drivers and passengers benefit from the immersive technological experience offered by HMI5.0's visual interface and digital human positioning; in terms of driving technology, the fatigue monitoring function ensures driving safety. Ten driving modes, including camping, energy-saving, sobering, warming up, cooling, greeting, Karaoke, hazy, pets, and starting, are all available on the vehicle, making driving more intelligent and practical.

Low Energy Consumption and High Endurance for Eco-Friendly Traveling: EIC Technology

The EIC technology of the OMODA 5 EV greatly lowers the vehicle's energy usage while maintaining high endurance. With an extremely low power consumption of only 15 KWh/100 KM and a powerful endurance of up to 450 KM, it allows drivers to travel freely without the need for frequent charging. In addition, the battery can be charged up to 80% in just 35 minutes thanks to extremely fast-charging technology, and it is also fitted with V2L technology, which achieves the availability of electric power at any time and facilitates the user's demand for electric power.

Worry-free Security: Travel Every Day with More Protection and Peace of Mind

Omoda 5 EV's primary concern is the security of its consumers. The 17 intelligent driving assistance features of the new generation ADAS system offer all-around safety for environmentally friendly traveling in addition to providing global five-star certification and a body architecture made of high-strength steel, allowing drivers to travel with more peace of mind.

OMODA 5 EV is a pioneer in the field of future transportation thanks to its key principles of safety, the environment, and cutting-edge new energy technology. OMODA 5 EV will connect with consumers worldwide in the fourth quarter of this year, setting the new energy trend and ushering in a better future with more environmental protection and zero emissions. Let's anticipate additional advancements and surprises that the OMODA 5 EV will offer for sustainable transportation!

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