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  • Ahmed Saleh

Omrania marks milestone: Acquisition by Egis Group reshapes industry landscape

Ormania celebrates the successful completion of its acquisition by Egis Group, a leading global consulting, construction engineering, and operating firm headquartered in France. This strategic move is poised to reshape the landscape of the industry, combining Omrania's rich 50-year legacy with Egis Group's global expertise and innovative spirit.

The acquisition aligns with the commitment to innovation and supporting the Saudi 2030 Vision. The partnership brings together Omrania's local expertise and deep understanding of the Saudi market with Egis's global experience, contributing significantly to key projects across various sectors, including the built environment, urban development, and cities infrastructure.

Key Highlights:

1. Strategic Partnership: The acquisition by Egis Group marks a strategic partnership, combining local knowledge with global expertise to drive growth and deliver excellence to clients.

2. Access to Resources:Egis Group's experience and international footprint provide Omrania with access to cutting-edge resources, technologies, and a diverse pool of expertise.

3. Global Presence: Egis Group operates in 120 countries worldwide and 13 countries across the Middle East, contributing to major infrastructure projects.

4. Industry Contribution: The partnership aims to contribute to sustainable and resilient territorial development, supporting the collective organization of society and citizens' living environments.

5. Support for Saudi Vision 2030: The collaboration is aligned with the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, contributing to the country's accelerated development and growth.

Omrania expresses gratitude to its team members for their dedication and hard work. The future looks bright as the company, alongside Egis Group, anticipates achieving new heights of success in the industry.

About Egis Group:

Egis is an international player in consulting, construction engineering, and mobility services, operating in 120 countries worldwide, including 13 countries in the Middle East. Egis creates and operates intelligent infrastructure and buildings to respond to climate emergencies and achieve balanced, sustainable, and resilient territorial development. With a focus on infrastructure engineering, consultancy, project management, and operations, Egis is a key player in supporting global societal organization and citizens' living environments.

This partnership reflects Egis Group's commitment to sustainable development, supporting the needs of communities and contributing to the dynamic development of the Middle East.

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