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  • Ahmed Saleh

Penultimate day at Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games wows fans

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – On the penultimate day of the Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games, a thrilling display of martial arts prowess captivated fans. Kendo, Muaythai, Taekwondo, and Savate took center stage, providing breathtaking performances.

The Saudi Arabian Muaythai team showcased their skills, with three athletes advancing to the next rounds in their weight divisions. In the Savate competitions, three champions were crowned, setting the stage for the highly anticipated finals on Day 11.

Kendo, often referred to as the "way of the sword," is not just a physical sport but a spiritual journey of self-improvement. Athletes demonstrated their bamboo sword skills, reflecting their personal growth and dedication to this ancient martial art. Japan's Kenshiro Matsuzaki and Maika Senoo secured gold medals in the individual categories.

Savate, a French martial art, blends European boxing techniques with fluid kicks. Champions were crowned in the Assaut discipline for men and women. The Mixed Individual Wheelchair Canne de Combat event concluded with Independent Neutral Athlete Sebastien Pilot as the winner.

Taekwondo, a Korean martial art, featured the mixed-pair Poomsae finals, dominated by South Korea. Individual and team competitors are gearing up for their championship clashes on Day 11.

Muaythai, known as the "Art of Eight Limbs," showcased thrilling semifinal matches, setting the stage for the climactic championship bouts on the final day of the Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games.

The World Combat Games gather athletes from across the globe in combat sports and martial arts. With over 1,500 athletes from 120+ countries competing in 16 disciplines, these games celebrate the values and skills of these sports, aiming to inspire participation and promote wellness.

The event has been a spectacular showcase of martial arts and combat sports, with thrilling competitions and extraordinary performances. For more details about the Riyadh 2023 World Combat Games, visit the official website.

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