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  • Ahmed Saleh

PIF launches Kayanee Company, Saudi Arabian lifestyle concept for women's well-being.

Riyadh, August 07, 2023, In a groundbreaking move, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) has made a significant announcement today. They have unveiled the creation of the Kayanee Company, a revolutionary lifestyle integrated concept that aims to empower and uplift women's well-being in Saudi Arabia. This innovative initiative is set to inspire women across the nation, fostering a sense of empowerment and personal growth. Kayanee, a groundbreaking initiative, has set its sights on revolutionizing women's health and lifestyle for future generations. With a comprehensive range of six offerings, Kayanee aims to cater to every aspect of women's well-being. These offerings include fitness programs designed to promote physical strength and vitality, a curated collection of apparel that combines style and comfort, an array of personal care and treatments to enhance self-care routines, nutrition and diagnostics services to ensure optimal health, a focus on healthy eating habits, and an emphasis on continuous learning. Through these diverse offerings, Kayanee seeks to empower women to lead healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Under the leadership of HRH Princess Reema Bint Bandar, Kayanee is set to revolutionize its services with a strong emphasis on catering to the needs of women. With a steadfast commitment to promoting mental, physical, and social well-being, the company is poised to adopt a female-focused approach across all its offerings. As part of the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, the company has set its sights on an impressive goal: to connect with a staggering one million consumers. This objective aligns perfectly with the vision's overarching mission to foster a dynamic and thriving society.

In a move aligned with the ambitious Saudi Vision 2030, the establishment of Kayanee marks a significant step in the Public Investment Fund's (PIF) strategy. This strategic initiative aims to unleash the potential of promising sectors, foster technological localization, empower the private sector, stimulate economic diversification, and ultimately enhance the overall quality of life. By embarking on this path, PIF is demonstrating its commitment to driving sustainable growth and prosperity in the Kingdom.

In a bid to foster widespread engagement, Kayanee has unveiled a cutting-edge digital platform that will serve as the primary conduit for its customers, seamlessly bridging the gap between in-person and online services. In a bid to propel the flourishing health, well-being, and fitness sector in Saudi Arabia, the company has positioned itself as a key catalyst. With a strategic focus on fostering industry growth, the company aims to facilitate collaboration with the private sector and drive advancements across the entire value chain.

In a recent statement, Raid Ismail, the Head of MENA Direct Investments at PIF, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of Kayanee, a new venture aimed at bolstering Saudi Arabia's thriving fitness and well-being industry, which is currently valued at SAR16 billion. In a thrilling development, the Public Investment Fund (PIF) is set to make its mark in the realm of women's fitness, wellness, and well-being. With its integrated offering, Kayanee, a prominent player in the industry, is poised to collaborate with the burgeoning private sector, paving the way for a dynamic and thriving society. This groundbreaking initiative comes at a time when Jeddah University is witnessing a wave of excitement and anticipation. Jeddah students from Saudi Arabia have showcased exceptional talent and achieved remarkable success on the international sports stage.

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